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Spare Belly Cover 50g - Purple

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All of our rugs include a removable belly cover. However, we also offer these separately, as additional replacements or spares - particularly useful if you'd like to wash or dry your existing one. 

This is the 50g cover, recommended for the 100g turnouts but will fit our entire range. The filling is reduced by design, to protect the internal organs from overheating. 

Please note the optimum sizing for your rug, as the fastening spacing differs across the size range. That said, it is possible to use one size smaller/larger for especially broad or slim horses;  

  • Small - 5ft to 5'6
  • Medium - 5'9 to 6'3
  • Large - 6'6 to 7ft
  • Extra-Large - 7'3

With a double row of fastenings on both sides of our rugs, the belly cover is adjustable to 3 levels - we recommend the elastic to be in contact with your horses belly for optimum fit.