About Us

Inspired by years of owning horses and battling with the British weather in a bid to keep them ‘out’, MudRugs was born. A small organization, we take great care with all designs to our name.
      We aim to improve upon many of the issues and inconveniences with traditional rugs that we'd previously become accustomed to, such as;
  • Why should a rug only protect the back and the neck? Well, those are the largest muscle groups, losing the most heat. Of course, it makes perfect sense until you introduce almost any clip, or attempt to tack up quickly following a busy day at work. So, we developed our integrated belly cover; flexible to 3 settings, fastened inside the rug to prevent water running in and with reduced filling to avoid overheating. We even include spare surcingles so you can pick and choose when to use it.
  • Why should a tail flap lift straight over the horses back with any moderate breeze? We developed extended darts on each side, allowing the tail flap to lift as needed, but not vertically and beyond.
  • Why are we searching in the dark for the horse who isn’t waiting patiently by the gate for our arrival? Better still, why are we dressed in fluorescent yet forgetting the biggest hazard in the lane is wearing his best black rug?  We developed our signature reflective shoulder darts, filling them entirely while adding double reflective strips to each side of the extended tail.
Of course, we maintain some familiar features; elastic at the poll yet a deep fitting neck, removable leg straps to cross over or use as a fillet string, chest fastenings adjustable to 12 different settings... one size does not fit all, but we certainly try. 
   Perhaps most importantly – we source carefully researched and reliable material. Durable fabric with multi-coated waterproofing, 1200 denier yet highly breathable it completes a rug designed to truly protect against the elements. 
And finally, why can’t we just ‘let horses be horses’, a phrase we’re all familiar with. The trouble is, for the very reasons we have them, ‘letting them be’ is rarely in their best interests. We recognise the many limitations;
    • Using fenced paddocks without any natural, or even artificial shelter,
    • Clipping to avoid the sweat soaked aftermath of an enthusiastic evening ride,
    • A huge variety of breeds, often far from native to our own variable climate,
    • Retired or recuperating horses who've been accustomed to rugging all of their lives,
    • Of course, the notorious grey that has no intention of being show ready in the morning… the list goes on...
    And so, with our love of horses at the forefront, we pride ourselves on supporting the next best thing for our equine friends – comfortable, convenient and frequent turnout. 
    All customer feedback and photo's are welcome - contact us via sales@mudrugs.co.uk for a fast and personal response (be sure to check your junk mailbox or add us to safe senders).
    Finally, here are our committed brand ambassadors, Coal and Ember
    MudRugs Lightweight Turnouts